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What we do

1. We teach artificial intelligence and its real-world applications to students

2. Host AI/ML Workshops onsite and online

3. Collaborate with corporations to navigate AI/ML projects

4. Establish a sustainable relationship with corporations, local community, and schools to promote AI/ML education

About Us

Our Vision and Mission

Vision –

enabling creativity and innovations unlocking real world application of artificial intelligence for the next generation kids.

Mission –

Create a world where AI education is widely accessible to every Student


Our Programs

Probability for Machine Learning

Random variables hold values derived from the outcomes of random experiments. For example, random ...

Statistics for Machine Learning

Statistics is a subject that really matters a lot in any technology especially ...

Deep Learning framework

Deep Learning Frameworks What is a Deep Learning Framework? A deep learning framework ...

Digital Literacy in 21st century

The reliance on digital resources in instructional spaces has been a topic of ...

Linear Algebra in Machine Learning

Linear Algebra for Machine learning Machine learning has a strong connection with mathematics. ...

Calculus in Machine Learning

Introduction A machine learning algorithm (such as classification, clustering or regression) uses a ...

Python libraries for Machine Learning

A Python machine learning library is a library of functions and methods that ...

Data Science

What is data science? Data science combines math and statistics, specialized programming, advanced ...

Our Mission

Role that resources and standards play in the student’s
learning journey.

District Valued Skills & Knowledge Including State Standards

21st Century Skills Math Practices ELA Text Complexity ISTE Standards

Our Roadmap to get there


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence ingests data, such as human-level knowledge, and imitates natural intelligence


Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subset of AI, where data and algorithms continuously improve the training model to help achieve higher-quality output predictions.


Deep Learning

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning. It is an approach to realizing ML that relies on a layered architecture, mimicking the human brain to identify data patterns and train the model.

Real World Projects

Real World
Applications of AI

Real World Projects

Online &

Real World Projects

Self driving &

Real World Projects

Enhanced &

Real World Projects

Social &

Real World Projects

Customer &

Real World Projects

Bank fraud & detection

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Skills & Facts

AI/ML Trends to Watch for K–12 Students

Application of artificial intelligence is growing rapidly in schools

AI in Digital Assistants Helps K–12 Teachers Manage Classrooms
Next-Generation Cybersecurity Solutions Integrate AI Technology
Chatbots Rely on AI to Improve Communication and Tutoring


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Reason For students and community connecting with Us

We offer free online and onsite courses related to AI/ML and applications of AI/ML in real life projects that enables creativity and innovations unlocking real world application of artificial intelligence. Connect with corporations and local communities to host workshops on students learning in class to real-world projects that would encourage students and help navigate their future career. Build a better community establishing sustainable relationship between students, corporations and community leaders.

Global Presence

Making AI education accessible to under privileged communities globally

Our Values

Inclusive culture. inspire each other to step up and leave the world better than we found it

21st Century skills

We inspire students to be critical thinker, innovative and be a leader

What we do

Business in all domains such as Education, finance, healthcare, retail, crime etc are innovating with AI. Artificial intelligence becoming the foundation for all computer learning and is the future of all complex decision making. Artificial intelligence can help students solve complex problem, augment and strengthen their creativity. We teach artificial intelligence and its real world application to students. We also Connects students learning in class to real-world projects establishing a sustainable relationship with educators, business and community leaders

Team Members

OUr Team

Tim David

Executive President

Jason Henry

Vice President

Serah Smith

Executive President

News & Updates

Latest Thinking In Data science
And Artificial Intelligence News

One of the leading artificial intelligence trends is the launch of better-automated systems. The next ...

Large Language Models are founded on the principles of machine learning wherein algorithms recognize, predict, ...

One of the top artificial intelligence trends is the development of predictive analytics for better ...